Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Instructions at Lee Stream

I had a great day at Lee Stream working with a group of students on Comic Life. Bilinda has a great system set up for the students to coach/teach one another ICT skills related to different tasks. Bilinda teaches a small group of students to do something, they work with peers to teach these skills until everyone in the class can do/use whatever the target learning was.

I worked with the students to teach instructional writing. Comic Life is great for teaching anything procedural or sequential. We made finger puppets and the students took photos of each step in the process and then used these pictures to make their comics. I had planned to then use the puppets in graphic narratives using comic life but not everyone had time to do this. I’ve taught instructional writing several times without using photography and it is very difficult for the children to remember the steps in the process. I think in taking the photos they can recall and understand the concept of a step in the process, as it forces you to pay attention to what is changing each time you take a picture. I was really impressed with the comics the students made; we put these on their school wiki (which is a closed protected space) for family to look at.

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