Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Presenting work at DNI

At my visit to DNI we were looking at ways that teachers could use ICT tools for students to use to present work in different ways, most teachers felt that PowerPoint had really dominated as a presenting tool. We looked at several ways of presenting work on a wiki, through Comic Life, Glogster a web2 tool which creates digital posters and one of my favourites Blabberize. Blabberize is a really cool tool, kids love it and it is technically pretty simple. It is a shame that a lot of the time the fun and learning really stops at working out how it works and laughing at the end result. Blabberize can be a tool that the author presents information to an audience through particularly characters, making an impact about an important short message- for example sun-safety or any safety information.

It is also a great tool to present perspectives.
Working with Chris at DNI with Blabberize we discussed using this tool in Social Science. Students can take different perspectives and speak on each characters behalf on an issue they have been studying. One example we thought of was related to ANZAC day as Chris had just finished some work on this, the first picture the students upload could be soldiers, who give their perspectives, then perhaps family at home, then perhaps the generals who sent orders to attack the beach etc. If you haven’t heard of Blabberize have a play it is great fun, Vokis can be used in the same ways. A voki is an avatar that you create and then speak through.

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